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In 2006 I decided to get a dog when I bought my first house, I had grown up with German Shepherds and after much research I came across Leberhine Kennels and met the puppy of my dreams.

 Leberhine Everest "Sampson" from Robert, Dawn and Hugh of Leberhine joined my family in 2006. With the support of Robert, Dawn and Hugh and began showing Sampson, mostly in the specialty ring. Sampson acheived his AZ stamps with scores of 0,0/0,0 and went on to be breed surveyed and subsequently multi excellent graded. Sampson has been a wonderful teacher and a loving companion. He is always so patient with puppies.

 In 2008 I decided we would add to another German Shepherd to our family. In partnership with Robert, Dawn and Hugh Leberhine Frenzi "Indi" came to join us. She is a very vibrant girl who loves the showring, and has provided Sampson with a playmate.

Both Indi and Sampson are now retired and enjoy being spoilt pets.

In 2009 I decided to move the family to Lewiston and  Everlieb German Shepherds  was founded I am a member of the German Shepherd dog club of S.A and Dogs S.A. We have been fortunate to have grown from there and started breeding ourselves. Thank you to those who have supported us along the journey.






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Heidi De Luca
Lewiston, SA, Australia
Email : [email protected]